Thursday, January 26, 2017

Online Games Can Make Students Being Smart

Online Games Can Make Students Become More Intelligent
The results of recent research says that there are positive influence on the brain of the online gamers. Especially school-age gamers in online games said this can make students become more intelligent.

Wow, I wish there extracurricular Games Online at school, will you participate in it?

Of course, this news is out as many people who say that playing games will give a negative effect for the brain, a new study proves precisely the opposite. Data from the study, playing online games every day will be able to improve academic performance. Oh, yes?

More recently, Australian researchers find data from 12,000 high school students who use the Internet to play games online. As a result, most of these students get the highest score in the test subjects of math, reading, and science than those who did not play the game.

"Students who play games online almost every day can get a value of 15 points above average in math, and 17 points above the average for science," said economist Alberto Posso from RMIT University in Melbourne to All Righ There You Go.

"When you play online games, you'll try to solve the puzzle to continue to move to the next level. To solve it, in general, you use the knowledge and ability of math, reading, and science learned at school everyday." Said Posso again.